Japanese Knot Bag [Oriental Series]

RM 45.00

Jazz up your lunar new year outfit with this gorgeous and simple Japanese-style wrist bag - no buttons, no frills, no fuss. Just the beauty of oriental prints around your wrist. And don't worry about safety - once it's around your wrist or looped shut, it's shut!

The Oriental series knot bag are made in printed cotton linen, featuring oriental patterns of the nature elements, perfect for your favourite cheongsam and cute for everyday!

Product Material: Printed cotton linen/Printed cotton batik, Cotton viscose lining, label. (Please note that for Traditional Pattern, the final product may vary from the picture as the bag is made from different parts of the printed batik!) 

Product Dimensions: H: 38cm, W: 31cm

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water, press carefully with a hot iron with a pressing cloth over the printed fabric.

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