Jasmine Pouch

RM 18.00

The perfect on-the-go pouch for a day out, our Jasmine Pouch carries all your essentials and can be used as a clutch to make you look effortlessly stylish. 

Add on a personalized embroidered name tag for that special touch :)


Available in 5 colours (in order with pictures):

  • Golden Yellow 
  • Coral Pink
  • Periwinkle Purple
  • Pomegranate Red
  • Lush Green
  • Tiffany

Behind the Batik:
From our Dignity batik collection - Flourishing Dignity. Featuring the elegant national flower of Pakistan, Jasmine, this pattern is a tribute to the wonderfully diverse community of students at Dignity for Children Foundation. Jasmine represents modesty and purity and can fill any room with its heady fragrance. Our hope is that each child studying at Dignity fills their communities with the fragrance of hope and joy. 

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